Where you connected to me as a host Ambassador? Here are the 5 questions I need you to think about.

Here is the first communication that anyone who is connected with me as a new host that wants help from an AirBnB ambassador is going to get in the automated response that I have created.

Thanks for connecting with me as your Ambassador. The purpose of you being connected with me is to help you out with your hosting questions, as I am also a host who can help share my experience and expertise with you. If you are a traveler, I will not be able to help you out in this forum. If you are looking to host experiences, I can give you quick guidance about that.

When contacting me about hosting, please list a few things so I can know where you are in the process:
1) Do you own the property you want to host?
2) Are you looking to rent out your whole house or shared rooms in your home?
3) Have you checked into your local rules/regulations/ordinances regarding renting out your home?
4) How much experience do you have with renting out a property to guests?
5) Specific immediate question you want me to answer.