Welcome to The Airbnb host Advisor blog. My name is Brad, and I am an Airbnb host, Super Host and AirBNB Ambassador with over 25+ years experience in real estate and rental properties. I also own and manage a few long term and mid-term rental properties in addition to my short-term AirBnB properties. I created this site to help new and existing AirBnB hosts learn some tips, tricks, and get advice on being a successful AirBnB host.

Professionally, I am a real estate investor and manager, a technical marketing business professional, and a program manager. I built this site to help anyone who wants to become an Airbnb Host make sense of how it all works, understand what to expect, and utilize the information provided here to become the best host they can be.

Hopefully you will find the information, tips, and articles on this site useful in your own journey to becoming an AirBNB host. I wish you all an enjoyable AirBNB experience and to keep your AirBNB property filled with consistent guest bookings!

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