So you want to be an AirBnB host? Do you Travel and what has your Travel Experience been like?

After you have decided your “Why” for becoming a host, the second step you need to take is to think about your experiences as a traveler and places you have stayed, and put yourself in the shoes of your guest. Think about what you liked and disliked about the places you have stayed, what made the experiences memorable or unique, and how you felt at each location.

Did you spend a lot of time researching the area, talking to friends and family about the place you were planning to visit, looking at travel sites and making Pinterest pins about the location? Did you create a special itineratry and map out all the points of interests and create a trip agenda?

Think about how you conduct yourself as a traveler and your expectations for visiting an area or a location, and then think about how you would like your stay to be. What do you look for when you book a lodging, home, hotel, or special site? Do you have certain expectations for how the place should be furnished, what it should look like, what the decor and color scheme are like – heck even how the place should smell? This sounds silly, but your guest is going to be thinking about all of this from the moment they approach your property to the second they walk into the door. First impressions are very important and it is also very important to meet and fulfill your guests expectations of your place and the environment around it you want them to have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Is there anything special you would like to provide for your guests? Do you want them to enjoy certain unique areas or places of interest around your location? Do you want to cater to a certain group of guests and guest interest? Do you want to portray a special theme or feeling or character to your guests when they stay with you?

Then look around your property and make a list of the things you would like to change or improve to make your space more inviting and comforting for your guests. What if your parents, friends, close relatives, or special love interest was coming to stay with you – how would your place satisfy their needs while they are your guest? Think about these things and write them down and try to work this into your location, the rooms, the decor, and the overall experience for the guest. This can also change over time as you get more guest feedback and have more guest interactions, but try to make your space as comfortable and inviting as you can for your guests.