You got a booking! Now what?

Congratulations! Your first guest booked! Now what the heck do you do?

Honestly, congratulations. It is wonderful that all your hard work setting up your listing, staging your place, and getting it set up for your guest has earned you a booking! This is great news and I applaud you. Now get to work making sure that your first guest has a great booking experience.

Here are the next steps I recommend:

  1. Biggest thing is make sure the house, room, kitchen, and bathroom are all clean
  2. Remove any personal items and remove any clutter
  3. Make sure they understand the check-in and check-out time. You should have updated this info in the AirBnB dashboard, but go ahead and do that now if you forgot!

    Here is the link to AirBnB to see where you should update this information in your listing:,add%20your%20check%2Din%20instructions
      1. Send you new guest a welcome communication. In your note, you want to thank them booking with you. You also want to give them your address, confirm with them when they are coming, let them know your check-in and checkout process and any instructions they need, make sure they have the code or access instructions for your house and their room, and let them know where they can park and what to do when they get to your home.
      2. Give them your phone number
      3. Make sure they get a link to your local guidebook. If you did not make one yet – do that now so your guests can get some details about your area.
        Here is the AirBnB link explaining how to add a guidebook to your listing:

        Here is a link from AirBnB that also helps to give you some insight into what you need to do: