3rd Party Bookings

In my many years as an Airbnb host, one thing I see time and time again is third party party bookings. It’s a common mistake that many hosts and guests don’t understand could be very costly. So, does Airbnb Airbnb allow third party bookings?

No, Airbnb do NOT allow third party bookings. They require the person who made the booking to be the person staying at the property. You must be aware that third party bookings are not covered by Airbnb’s insurance policy.

So if you want to book a place to stay, or if you have a friend, son, daughter, or colleage that wants to use your AirBnB account to book a place – just tell them to make their own account. The only time this really works is when a corporation has a person that makes bookings for their employees, but this is a different scenario.